Thursday, July 28, 2011

SHAZAM! The first Brick Mantooth Customs

One thing that was noted by the customizers at the Mego Museum was the strong resemblance the new Brick Mantooth retro action figure has to 70's Shazam TV show star Jackson Bostwick, who portrayed Captain Marvel.

Thus the first kit-bash customs we are seeing over in the Mego Museum Custom Community are Brick Mantooth dressed as Shazam/Captain Marvel.

This custom is super-easy if you use our special bundled custom package which we call "The Cheese", in honor of the good Captain's nickname (The Big Red Cheese). The kit comes with our new standard flesh body, Red body suit, Yellow Gauntlets, Yellow hero belt, and new Yellow flaptop boots, and grpper and standard hands. Thats a $31 dollar value for $20

Don't forget, you can also purchase vintage 70's Action Jackson outfits from the Cast-a-Way Toys Online Store to customize your Brick! You won't beat this deal anywhere... $5 per set or all 6 for $25!

(Brick Mantooth as Shazam photo courtesy of the Mego Museum)

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