Sunday, August 21, 2011

1/6th Scale Flash Gordon Action Figures are here! Get yours now!

This 1:6 scale painstakingly designed action figure, featuring a remarkable likeness to Buster Crabbe and a film accurate costume. That’s not all though, each of these top quality figures also includes: Zarkov’s Mini Rocket, Flash’s sword and sheath, ray gun pistol and rifle, topped off with a removable cape, handsomely packaged in a collector friendly box (Get one!)

This limited edition “Action Pilot” version comes dressed in high quality aviator gear, complete with soft flight helmet, goggles and topped off with a leather style bomber jacket. (Get one!)
You also recieve the standard screen accurate outfit and accesssories along with the limited edition Action Pilot outfit! That’s right you get both outfits for one price! and you decide which Flash Gordon you want to display.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cast-a-Way Toys regular edition Phantom sold on eBay for $128!

Please note that these are NOT our auctions. This version of the Phantom is Officially Out of Production.

We were shocked that the regular Purple edition of the Cast-a-Way Toys 8" retro style action figures of The Phantom have recently been sold on eBay consistently for $100 or more... this appears to be a new record.

We feel honored we could sell you guys figures for $20 and then see them go for $128. Makes us feel like we gave you your money's worth. haha. We've been kicking some ideas around for another Phantom. We'll keep you posted.

Find the Cast-a-Way Toys Phantom in this Mego Museum Flyer!

This truly is the second golden age of Mego!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Card art for Chang Pao: Terror of the High Seas by Tim Baron

Here is the packaging artwork by Tim Baron for our new Pirate, Chang Pao: Terror of the High Seas retro style action figure. Only $19.99 in the Cast-a-Way Toys Online Store.

Go check out his graphic novel The Life and Times of Julius Destructus.

Download a 36 page preview here for free.

Download the entire Graphic Novel for only $4.99.

PRICE DROP: Buck Rogers and Tigerman only $19.99!

We are proud to be offering the Gil Gerrard Buck Rogers and Tigerman figure for the new low low price of $19.99 each in the Cast-a-Way Toys online store.

The most popular items at the Mego Meet Cast-A-Way Toys table this was no doubt the Buck Rogers and Tiger Man action figures by Zica. Two of the most detailed contemporary 8" action figures with cloth outfits ever produced, by the end of the day, Cast-A-Way Toys had sold out of the end of the day. In fact, defying expectation, Tiger Man sold out before Buck! People who actually saw the figure up close and in person realized just how much attention and effort went into the production of this figure, and what an incredible bargain these figures are at this price point.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

SUMMER SUNDAY SAVINGS: Cast-a-Way Toys new PIRATE action figure


We debuted a new Cast-a-Way Toys exclusive Pirate action figure at Mego Meet earlier this year and now he's being offered to the general public for the first time in the Cast-a-Way Toys online store. Like our other Pirates, he's got a low production run, so get yours while supplis last.

Chang Pao: Terror of the Sea is based on an actual real life historical pirate. With rooted hair, authentic pirate gear including sword and flintlock pistol!Clammed with all new artwork by Tim Baron for the fantastic price of $20! a great deal yes?!

Remember, it wouldn't be summer savings deal if you couldn't also add all 6 Action Jackson Sets for $20!

Friday, August 5, 2011

LaserMego shows off his Action Jackson Gear

LaserMego shows off his case fresh vintage Action Jackson outfits and accessories which he purchased from the Cast-a-Way Toys online store. (including the original Mego shipping box)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

More Cast-a-Way Toys Sold on eBay

Please not that these are NOT our auctions. Captain Action recently sold for $55 and the Phantom's bad guy Achmed went for $47.

We don't see our product listed on eBay that often, which is nice to know that a majority folks are hanging onto their action figures from Cast-a-Way Toys because they like them.

We'd prefer that folks enjoy their toys rather than treat them as investments, however it is flattering that there is demand for our product in the secondary collector's market as well. Hopefully this is the testament to the quality and timelessness of our figures.

Cast-a-Way Toys exclusive Uncle Sam by Charlee Flatt for only $25

As you know we have had Flatt World Uncle Sams for awhile.

While our distributor has imposed a higher price on these... we were able to get our own deal and offer them Clammed with all new artwork for the fantastic price of $20! The exclusive Cast-a-Way Toys carded/clammed Uncle Sam debuted at Mego Meet 2011, and are now being offered on our website.

A great deal yes?! But it wouldn't be summer savings deal if you couldn't add all 6 Action Jackson Sets for $20!