Tuesday, December 1, 2009


First off we wanted to thank everyone for their support with ordering from us and your support on the board. Success has been a hard pill for us to swallow and we learned some hard lessons along the way. Dave has worked his butt off to get all the orders shipped out in a timely manner and it's become too much to keep up with.

As we have stated earlier we have contracted with a 3rd party to handle our shipping, starting with orders placed today (Dec 1st 2009) We have come to an agreement with them that all orders will be shipped within 1 week of the order being placed. In addition the customer will be sent an email with the delivery confirmation number in it to prove the order was shipped within the 7 day time period. All foreign orders will be shipped thru the US post office and a scan of the receipt will be sent to the customer to prove shipping (if this proves to be problematic we'll have to switch to a different shipping service with tracking, which will be more expensive for the customer) Any orders not shipped within this 7 day time frame the customer will receive their money back (no questions asked) and their order shipped free of charge.

This guarantee is that the orders will ship within the 7 day period, not that the customers will recieve their items in 7 days.

We don't expect blind support or praise from anybody. We want to earn each customer 1 at a time. Put our new guarantee to the test. If you're happy with the service please post about it. If you're not happy please post about it. There may be a few customers waiting on outstanding items placed in the past,please email me at gaga4toyz@sbcglobal.net and I will make sure your items get shipped out asap.

Thanks Jason S.