Tuesday, April 26, 2011


On April 19th moulds and tooling owned by Cast-a-Way Toys was offered for sale from unauthorized agents in China and Singapore. Cast-a-Way Toys was miraculously made aware of this attempt by two separate, highly trusted and, successful toy companies here in the United States. When questioned about the attempted sale the management company, whom Cast-a-Way Toys had previously authorized to move their moulds, admitted to this attempted sale. The reasoning was for the recuperation of costs of mould conditioning and cost associated with production. At no time did Cast-a-Way Toys ever refuse to pay for any mould conditioning, and asked only for proof of the conditioning, in both pictures and physical samples. Furthermore, the management company claims loss over production parts completed. Not only did Cast-a-way Toys not request or authorize production, but on two separate occasions both via electronic mail and telephonically explicitly directed that “no product be produce on their behalf”. In addition, in an attempt to remedy this asked for samples of product to discuss its purchase, but was refused. Cast-a-Way Toys has always, and will always honor all of its agreements both contractual and verbal.

The facts are that Cast-a-way Toys is just another victim of the unscrupulous business dealings of this management company, and is now working in conjunction with other victimized American toy companies to bring these criminal activities to light. If you see our products for sale other than at our website (Cast-a-Way On-line Store) please inform us. If your toy company is being offered moulds and tooling for products that we produce, including our 8 inch retro action-figure body and custom accessories, please be informed that these are stolen and no authorized sale has been arranged, and we ask that you contact us immediately.

While these unfortunate events have taken place, Cast-a-Way Toys will continue to bring you the best in 8 inch retro action-figures and new and exciting licensed products. We would also like to thank all of the American Action-figure producers who have been a great resource for us in this time of need, and made it possible for us to continue bring the best in action-figures.

David Lee