Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ho! Ho! h...BRAINS!

He sees you when your sleeping... he knows when your awake...

When the malls are full the Dead will walk the earth... And nobody says Merry Undead Christmas like undead Santa Clause or Zombie Clause... Here's a neat take on our classic Zombie Shock Monster... These very limited edition figures are shipping for Christmas (USA only, International is not gauranteed for Christmas delivery).

Proto Type Shown: Actual figure may vary
$25 plus shipping and handling.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Phantoms back for a limited time!

Our best selling figure to date is back for a limited time. The Phantom is in stock in limited number just before Christmas! Hurry and make it a phantastic Christmas! $20.00 plus shipping and handling

Monday, November 15, 2010

Return of the CARGO HOLD!

One of the most successful sections we have ever created is back! This is a proverbial repository of all things 8 inch. We have things that never see daylight, leftovers and one-offs. These are parts and pieces that accumulate over time and here's your chance to get them.
But just be aware we may have one or a dozen, but once they are gone they are not likely to return.
So if you see something you like buy it now!

Monday, November 8, 2010

The return of the Customizer Special(s)

We know what it's like to customize 8 inch retro Mego -like action figures... It's one of the ties that binds all three of us at Cast-a-Way Toys. We love it and we love to see what our creative brothers and sisters can do with our products. So to day thanks to the customizing community for your die hard support, we wanted to give a little back. We are offering 4 Customizer Specials; Mr. Red, Mr. Yellow, The Cheese, and Frank... these are a compilation of our parts at a significant discount. You will save over 40% on the parts off of their retail price, and get a head start on some cool custom creations of your own. So roll up your sleeves, and get ready to create your own 8 inch action figures, and start here with a great price on these parts!*
* these specials come as parts not assembled action figures

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Not half bad!

Cast-a-Way Toys is in the Halloween spirit. So much so that we've come up with an EVILLE plan!

Buy a Captain Action figure from us on Monday, October 25 and get his evil (or is it eville) nemesis Dr. Eville for HALF PRICE! That's two great standard figures for just $30 (plus shipping) or two great boxed figures for $37.50 (plus shipping). The offer is only available thru our website. Apply the appropriate coupon code shown below at check out. Offer starts at 12:00AM CST October 25 and ends 11:59PM CST October 25.

Coupon codes:
For standard Captain Action and Dr. Eville use: halfeville
For Exclusive boxed versions use:

Get your EVILLE on this Halloween... from Cast-a-Way Toys.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

These figures were a HUGE success at NYCC. Anticipating that, we had a few extras made up. They're available in pairs and available now! These post-NYCC figures do NOT include the exclusive "Comic Con" foil sticker shown on the box in the picture below.Limited Edition Boxed CA and DE
$50 for both Captain Action and Dr. Eville

Friday, October 1, 2010

It's the great body-swap of 2010... Swap-tober! Whether it's original megos or any of the newer lines, Cast-a-Way Toys is offering a great deal to those looking to swap those bodies. Buy 4 new Cast-a-Way bodies (the new lighter flesh tone) and we'll throw in 8 EXTRA SETS OF HANDS (gun grippers and fists)... all for $32 (plus shipping). That's our regular price for bodies, with $40 in FREE hands included. We're fully stocked and ready to go. This offer ends October 17th. Don't miss your chance to "get handsy" with Cast-a-Way Toys. BODYSWAP- 4 bodies + 8 pairs of hands FREE!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

WE'RE BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK! all stocked up and ready.... Come and see whats washed ashore here on the island fellow Castaways!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Samples! Samples! Samples!


It's Christmas in July (for us anyway), as we received our factory samples yesterday. This little sneak peek, courtesy our friends in China, was a mere smattering of what's to arrive in a matter of weeks... Along with the influx of new custom parts, we are rolling out Captain Action and Dr. Eville v2. these include new paint jobs and all new card artwork by none other than Art Thibert. They were sent over to display at SDCC and we will have a full array of pictures here at the dotcom soon. If your making pilgrimage to nerd Mecca this year be sure to check them out, Shocker Toys has graciously allowed us to display them at their booth (#3849 ). Check out their booth full of exciting toys and give our new stuff a peek! Snap some pix and send them in if you feel inclined...

One other little nugget for you hardcore customizers: We have lightened up our custom body Pantone color. See the sample below for comparison. We think this is going to be a sure fire pleaser... our other bodies sold out so fast these will probably only last a short time...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

1978 Reimagined! The MEGO What if Catalog!

What if?
  • Mego hadn't passed on Star Wars?
  • There were additional waves to the World's Greatest Superheroes line?
  • The KISS dolls were 8" tall so you could use them on other adventures?
  • Scooby and the Gang got in on the fun?
These are just some of the answers the MegoMuseum community tries to provide with their newest publication "1978 REIMAGINED" a full color fantasy catalog created entirely by the members of the MegoMuseum forums! The project started as a challenge to customizers to come up with concepts that may have been included and were then judged by a panel including former Mego Employees.
The end result is this fantastic publication with artwork by Anthony Durso, which provides full color pages of fantasy Mego catalog layouts for Star Wars, the World's Greatest Superheroes, Star Trek, Universal Monsters, Wizard of Oz and much more.
It's a tribute to the World's Greatest Toy Company and to the many talented customixers we have in our fold.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Show us your stuff! Cast-a-Way Stuff!

Hey Guys and Gals.
I want you! No seriously, I want pictures of you and your Cast-a-Way Stuff... I am putting together a little slideshow/Video and would like to include YOU! So what I am looking for is a picture of yourself, or your kids or a bum on the street holding one of our figures, or even a custom you made with our stuff. Nothing lewd or inappropriate, but funny is definitely ok... be creative!

Just send the pictures to David@castawaytoys.com

Saturday, May 15, 2010

This just in...

NEWSLETTER- Cast-a-Way Club members are getting their new and improved Newsletter this week full of sneak peeks and other insider goodies! Don't be left out, join the club today and get $5 worth of FREE merchandise!

FACEBOOK- We have updated our Facebook page and added some pictures... we had to start over, so come back and friend us again...

MEEGO MEET- The annual meeting of all things MEGO is getting close, be on the look out for some neat reminders and a full report for Product announcments and proto-type pictures.

Monday, April 26, 2010

BIG NEWS! Cast-a-Way Toys Welcomes a new partner!

Yep! Well good folks of the inter-web another team member has washed ashore and is now marooned here on Cast-a-Way Island... Bryan Bossart of O'Fallon Illinois is now a fellow Cast-a-Way, and brings with him one impressive resume. With a background in Marketing and Advertising as well as general management and an MBA, this guy is an impact player, and we couldn't be happier to have him. Besides all his fancy ejamakashun, he's one talented dude when it comes to action-figures as well. Have a look at some of his handy work, he's no joke when it comes to 8 inch action-figures... So look for some immediate improvements around the island, and for you club members he'll be tackling the long overdue Club Newsletter, so look for that soon as well.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Some things...

Hey fellow Castaways... Dave here, just thought I'd share a few things from the island this morning.
  • Superclams (R)- The thing about these is that they are kind of expensive to make (when you have to ship from China) and they are bulky to ship out to customers. We love them as packaging for our completed figures, but we are still having reservations as to whether or not we are going to continue to sell them on the site. I know folks are very passionate about us carrying them, so rest assured we'll give plenty of thought.
  • Swivel arm sets- We will carry these in the future, we are waiting to hear back from the factory as to just how it will work ie. what else we'll have to make to get these done. But they will be back ASAP
  • The CARGO HOLD- is a smashing success! and look for a ton more stuff coming soon!
  • Oily Mattel Figures?- You may have noticed an oily residue on your new 8 inch Matell Retro heroes here's the answer straight from Doc MEGO himself: Our contact at Mattel got the answer.The first batch of figures had paint migration onto the card, so the factory spritzed the heads with silicone based oil that will NOT stain the costumes.If the sprayer had a light touch, the oil evaporated, if the sprayer had alead finger - the excess oil ended up on the blister.It may not look pretty, but it is not toxic, will not cause mutations, or destroy the long term existence of these figures. So you can continue swapping them to our bodies as they will not cause any damage to your Cast-a-way parts... Thanks Doc.
  • Here is a great review of these New Matell 8 inch Retro Figures from tha hardest working man in Toys, Michael Crawford!
  • Finally, we have some great new stuff in the works, so hang on Cast-a-way fans, cool (and creepy)things are afloat!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Behold the CARGO HOLD!

Check out all the bargains, one of a kind, odds and ends and stuff we've collected over the years. We may have one or 10, but if you like it ya better buy it... it may be gone before you get back!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Great new tutorial on tanning up your Matell figures

Ok, I posted this over at the MEGO MUSEUM Check it out!

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Make your new Mattel 8 inch Heroes better than before with Cast-a-Way Parts! You can give that new figure better articulation, proportion and gear! Make it more like the MEGO's we all know!