Sunday, September 18, 2011

New Drac-Packs available while supplies last $5!

Give those awesome new Diamond Dracula's the un-earthly display they deserve! For only $5 you get a perfectly scaled coffin witht he Dracula family crest, two vampire bats and a serpant candelabra! This makes for a perfect display for any 8 inch Dracula or Vampire! get one while supplies last!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Price Reduction for Buster Crabbe Flash Gordon!

Yup that's right... after discussing the price with several folks "in the know" for 1/6th scale market, we felt that we might have priced our first foray into 12 inch figure territory a bit high. While sales have been brisk, we are never afraid to take good advice. So what does that mean for you?!

First off if you bought one of these, either the Regular Edition or the Limited Edition pilot you have already been issued a refund for the balance! Yup, it took a while but before we announced this we wanted to take care of those who already "threw down" and as of this morning all orders have been issued the appropriate amount.

So what's this mean for everyone esle? The new lower price for these figures is $79.99 for the Standard Buster Crabbe Figure and $99.99 for the Action Pilot Limited Edition!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Michael Crawford has graciously once again reveiwed one of our action-figures! This time it's the 1/6th scale Buster Crabbe Flash Gordon! Check it out here. Be sure to sign up for all Michael's toy reviews and get these delivered to your inbox weekly!