Thursday, March 18, 2010

Some things...

Hey fellow Castaways... Dave here, just thought I'd share a few things from the island this morning.
  • Superclams (R)- The thing about these is that they are kind of expensive to make (when you have to ship from China) and they are bulky to ship out to customers. We love them as packaging for our completed figures, but we are still having reservations as to whether or not we are going to continue to sell them on the site. I know folks are very passionate about us carrying them, so rest assured we'll give plenty of thought.
  • Swivel arm sets- We will carry these in the future, we are waiting to hear back from the factory as to just how it will work ie. what else we'll have to make to get these done. But they will be back ASAP
  • The CARGO HOLD- is a smashing success! and look for a ton more stuff coming soon!
  • Oily Mattel Figures?- You may have noticed an oily residue on your new 8 inch Matell Retro heroes here's the answer straight from Doc MEGO himself: Our contact at Mattel got the answer.The first batch of figures had paint migration onto the card, so the factory spritzed the heads with silicone based oil that will NOT stain the costumes.If the sprayer had a light touch, the oil evaporated, if the sprayer had alead finger - the excess oil ended up on the blister.It may not look pretty, but it is not toxic, will not cause mutations, or destroy the long term existence of these figures. So you can continue swapping them to our bodies as they will not cause any damage to your Cast-a-way parts... Thanks Doc.
  • Here is a great review of these New Matell 8 inch Retro Figures from tha hardest working man in Toys, Michael Crawford!
  • Finally, we have some great new stuff in the works, so hang on Cast-a-way fans, cool (and creepy)things are afloat!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Behold the CARGO HOLD!

Check out all the bargains, one of a kind, odds and ends and stuff we've collected over the years. We may have one or 10, but if you like it ya better buy it... it may be gone before you get back!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Great new tutorial on tanning up your Matell figures

Ok, I posted this over at the MEGO MUSEUM Check it out!