Monday, July 25, 2011

Brick Mantooth... UNLEASHED!

Congratulations to Plaid Stallions and The Mego Museum, who have released the first 100 Brick Mantooth/Super Collector 8" Retro style action figure kit for sale at the Odeon Toys website.

The Brick Mantooth Super Collector Kit
Everything you need to create the MegoMuseum Super Collector or Brick Mantooth Figure, this is what you get:

* One Mego Museum Super Collector Head
* Super Collector Suit, boots and belt
* One Mego Museum Playset
* One Brick Mantooth Head
* Brick Mantooth Shirt, pants, belt and boot.
* One Solid Box
* One Swivel Armed manly body (Extra bodies can be ordered below)
* Two small surprises A

Get yours now before they run out of this first wave! Sales have been brisk today.

Feel free to purchase vintage 70's Action Jackson outfits from the Cast-a-Way Toys Online Store to customize your Brick! You won't beat this deal anywhere... $5 per set or all 6 for $25!

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