Sunday, August 21, 2011

1/6th Scale Flash Gordon Action Figures are here! Get yours now!

This 1:6 scale painstakingly designed action figure, featuring a remarkable likeness to Buster Crabbe and a film accurate costume. That’s not all though, each of these top quality figures also includes: Zarkov’s Mini Rocket, Flash’s sword and sheath, ray gun pistol and rifle, topped off with a removable cape, handsomely packaged in a collector friendly box (Get one!)

This limited edition “Action Pilot” version comes dressed in high quality aviator gear, complete with soft flight helmet, goggles and topped off with a leather style bomber jacket. (Get one!)
You also recieve the standard screen accurate outfit and accesssories along with the limited edition Action Pilot outfit! That’s right you get both outfits for one price! and you decide which Flash Gordon you want to display.

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