Monday, June 20, 2011

Cast-A-Way on Facebook. You really LIKE Us!

Some of you on Facebook may have noticed we've dusted off the cobwebs and slapped a new coat of paint on the ol' Cast-A-Way Toys Facebook page in a flurry of activity over the past weekend.

We're planning on housing an archive of our product releases, past and present, there for easy reference. This is where you can keep up with news of upcoming releases (like our Buster Crabbe Flash Gordon) and other special projects with our partners. Including a recent Cast-A-Way project that most of you probably are completely unaware of, that sold out almost immediately upon it's release.

This weekend, ten new people have clicked "Like" on our Facebook Page. As of this writing we have 95 followers. How about helping us get to 100 and beyond this week?

Visit the Cast-A-Way Facebook page here

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