Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Samples! Samples! Samples!


It's Christmas in July (for us anyway), as we received our factory samples yesterday. This little sneak peek, courtesy our friends in China, was a mere smattering of what's to arrive in a matter of weeks... Along with the influx of new custom parts, we are rolling out Captain Action and Dr. Eville v2. these include new paint jobs and all new card artwork by none other than Art Thibert. They were sent over to display at SDCC and we will have a full array of pictures here at the dotcom soon. If your making pilgrimage to nerd Mecca this year be sure to check them out, Shocker Toys has graciously allowed us to display them at their booth (#3849 ). Check out their booth full of exciting toys and give our new stuff a peek! Snap some pix and send them in if you feel inclined...

One other little nugget for you hardcore customizers: We have lightened up our custom body Pantone color. See the sample below for comparison. We think this is going to be a sure fire pleaser... our other bodies sold out so fast these will probably only last a short time...

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