Thursday, May 27, 2010

1978 Reimagined! The MEGO What if Catalog!

What if?
  • Mego hadn't passed on Star Wars?
  • There were additional waves to the World's Greatest Superheroes line?
  • The KISS dolls were 8" tall so you could use them on other adventures?
  • Scooby and the Gang got in on the fun?
These are just some of the answers the MegoMuseum community tries to provide with their newest publication "1978 REIMAGINED" a full color fantasy catalog created entirely by the members of the MegoMuseum forums! The project started as a challenge to customizers to come up with concepts that may have been included and were then judged by a panel including former Mego Employees.
The end result is this fantastic publication with artwork by Anthony Durso, which provides full color pages of fantasy Mego catalog layouts for Star Wars, the World's Greatest Superheroes, Star Trek, Universal Monsters, Wizard of Oz and much more.
It's a tribute to the World's Greatest Toy Company and to the many talented customixers we have in our fold.

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