Wednesday, September 4, 2013

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New Action Jackson Artwork

When we decided to bring back Castaway toys and do it with Action Jackson, we knew there was only one man for the job when it came to artwork. Chris Franklin is a master and just "gets it" he has done most of the art for Castaway over the years and we couldn't be prouder of his latest...

Because a picture is worth a thousand words... 

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  1. That artwork looks great. It captures the right nostalgic feel,while simultaneous setting the tone for what could be a true rebirth of the character himself. I'm definitely on board for picking it up when he's released. Do you have plans for expanding it into a full on line? Also, what are the chances for a re-release on that sweet Phantom figure. I missed out big time there,and can't even find one on the secondary market.....let alone afford him if I did. Lol. Its great to see you back up and running. Can't wait to see more from you!