Monday, November 7, 2011

Case Fresh AJ's after nearly 40 years!

Ok so here we have nearly 40 year old, just opened, case fresh MEGO Action Jackson's. Standard figures with black hair and beards and Dark or Light Jumpsuits. The one bonus was they are in fact type "0" plastic rivets figures.

Right now we are bundeling these with the 6 case fresh military outfits we had up before, so you get a mint AJ and 6 mint millitary outfits (Army, Navy,Frogman,Aussie Marine, and Ski Patrol) all for $50.We know folks might already have purchased the individual sets, and might not want them again. However, we have a very limited supply of these and we are bundeling first, if we have some left over then we will sell individually.

Make no mistake, if you want them don't wait, you are rolling the dice and we probably will never have these again (nor anyone esle in the this condition at this price).We are absolutely proud to be able to offer these figures in this condition at this price, don't miss out!

Buy one here...

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